I am a Feminist

Hi, I’m Madeline Haynes. I’m a transfer sophomore from Austin Community College and this is my first semester at UT. I am an English major with an interest in film acting. My goal is to move to LA after graduation to get involved in the acting and writing aspects of the film industry. I am a feminist.
Feminism is radical idea that women are people too. Women are equal in every way to ever other human being and capable of acting accordingly. It is about women having the freedom to live their lives as they wish regardless of their gender. It is freedom from traditional role playing in society. In that way feminism can be radical and life changing for people from conservative traditional cultures where it is believed that women should not venture out of the realm of the family household.
Literature and science can play a role in promoting the ideas of feminism. Literature through the art of story telling; and science by showing that women truly are equal human beings. In this way literature and science impact every aspect of our culture, including women’s role in it.
This class will be successful in broadening the worldview of the students when we, the students, do our best to participate both in and out of class. There is always something new to be gained from learning others view of the world and the scientific facts about life. These can be learned both in books and in class discussions. That is something that this class can do and can offer to the student who is ready to participate and learn.


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