Day One

Hey y’all, my name is Stephen Goin and I’m a sophomore marketing and government major from Livingston, TX. I believe that feminism is a set of beliefs that encompass the idea that women can unapologetically seek equality in a patriarchal society. When I think of women in science I recollect real life figures like Margaret Cavendish, Marie Curie, or Rosalind Franklin, etc. However, despite the abundance of female figures represented in the “real” world of science, I feel that if charged to think of women in science portrayed in literature, not much comes to mind. In fact when I think of the terms “literature”, “science”, and “feminism/female”, the only thing I think of is Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, which of course is a piece of speculative fiction written by a women but featuring predominantly male characters. All things considered, the readings in this class should be particularly interesting as they will provide a perspective that I haven’t really encountered in literature as of yet.

I believe that out of the two opinions given, a willingness to engage and participate is what can make a class successful. It is from this process that we can reach our goals, namely broadening our horizons and gaining a perspective change. I believe that we can promote this willingness to engage by creating an open and interesting learning environment in which everyone feels that they can learn from and contribute to.


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