Day One

Well hello! I am Brandon Brown, freshman Psychology Major from Austin, Texas. I was originally born in Carlinville, Illinois which is a tiny town of under five thousand people in the middle of a few corn fields. I moved to Austin in the summer before my fifth grade. Something about myself is that I love sports and food.

Feminism to me is a broad term that encompasses the whole style of mind behind gender equality. It is a support for the female race (hence the name) to be regarded to and treated as equals in society. It is support for the attempt by females to gain ground and level the playing field in our culture.

Speculative fiction, to me, is the realm of fantasy fiction that exists throughout literature and different mediums of artwork. It exists to amaze us and yet also to push our boundaries on reality and test our limits that we have placed on our own world. It is a term that refers to multiple genres and one that allows us to expand outside of our comfort zones.

In regards to how to make our class successful, I think that both of the selected two points are important. However I think that a willingness to engage and participate is more prevalent because it is the foundation of the success of the class. A willingness to engage does not always have to stem from interesting material or a proficient professor, it is a choice made by the students every time they pass through the door. While “engage and participate” is slightly vague it is not limited to simply answering questions in class and completing the homework. The willingness to engage needs to transfer into meaningful connections with both the teacher and your peers. The connections that you make and relationships build are a key component of making a class successful. I believe it is through these bonds that are formed that your horizons will be broadened. It is relatively difficult to discuss one’s core beliefs and opinions with someone that is merely a classmate, but if you engage and participate with them they become more than that and conversation will become easier and more honest. It would be easier to speak without fear or judgment or ridicule if the relationships in the class were honest and truthful. So if everyone has this willingness to engage and participate I believe that a successful class is possible.



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