Day One

Hi everyone! My name is Maggie Werkenthin and I have lived in Austin my whole life. I’m a sophomore and I just transferred to UT from Texas Tech. I’m an English major with a minor in philosophy and I plan to go to law school and eventually become an attorney. 

Since there is a good chance I will be the breadwinner of my household I fully promote women’s equality to men. A few women working in law firms have given me advice to always be completely professional in the office because as soon as you are not professional the men in the office stop taking you seriously. To me, feminism means women being able to have the same opportunities men do and for a woman to be taken as seriously as a man would be. Science has never been my best subject, so I usually try to take the least amount of science classes possible. When I think about science I think of dreadfully long names, equations, and memorization. On the other hand, when I think of literature I think of reading in general, some of my favorite books that I have read, and previous English classes that I have taken.

For a class to have participation and a willingness to engage, the students and the teacher have to find interest in what the class is covering. This can be obtained by relating things we are talking about in class to other things outside of class that we enjoy. Also, participation cannot just mean saying something every class, but actually giving thought to what you are saying and contributing something to the class. Everyone will have different views and the more everyone shares them the more it will challenge everyone’s original way of thinking.


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