Day One

Hello, my name is Lucibella Hernandez, but I go by Bella. To spare any confusion, you’ll probably hear me pronounce it, ‘Bay-uh’ (since it’s Spanish). This is my freshman year of college and I’m studying to become an English major. I’ve always loved reading and writing, especially fiction, although I enjoyed journalism in high school. Considering feminism and literature are two of my favorite things, I’m quite looking forward to this class.

Feminism, to me, is both a movement and ideology based on the equality of all people. Though its name highlights its focus on gender equality, it’s so much more inclusive than that, taking a stance on nearly all social justice issues. Both literature and feminism have affected my life immensely, molding me into the person I am today. I don’t know where I’d be without either, but I’d surely be a worse person. Although I’ve never enjoyed studying science, I am aware of its importance within our society as well as women’s (often uncredited or forgotten) contributions to it. However, I do like science-fiction as a genre (I know, not the same thing).

I thought all of our answers to, ‘what makes a class successful’ were important things that we each need to consider. By being open-minded, we can foster a comfortable environment that promotes participation. With everyone’s contributions, we can broaden each of our horizons by looking at something in a way we otherwise might not have and gain something that textbooks can’t quite offer. 


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