Day One

Hey everyone,

My name is Grant Milliken and I am a sophomore transfer student coming from The University of Texas at Arlington and am a psychology major.  I am from Fort Worth, Texas but know Austin well because UT is my dad’s alma mater.

Feminism to me means striving for equality.  Although I like this idea of feminism, the feminism I most commonly encounter is radical feminism. I think this form of feminism hurts true feminism by making it appear sexist against men. This diminishes the true goal of feminism that all people should be equal.

I think as a class the best way to succeed is to engage. To me there is a difference between engaging and participating. When I think about participating, I think making myself talk to get points towards my grade.  When I engage in a class I am interested and want to talk about the subject matter.  No matter what the goal of the class is the students must engage to get to that goal.


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