Day One Assignment

My name is Julieta Rico, and I’m a transferring junior from UT Brownsville. I am an English major with a minor in Government. My goal is become an attorney, and help as many people as possible in the process. I’ve heard the term feminism time and time again, but every time I hear the term it is used in differently. I grew up with the teachings that women are equal to men. In society that is not often seen. Feminism is a notion, a movement to help empower women in order for them to pursue what they wish to pursue. Literature and science play a role in feminism in the sense that they prove that women can do what men can do. I’m not saying that women are better; just that women have the same abilities that men have. Women can make an idea come to life with their words, or even win Nobel Peace Prizes in chemistry and physics. Literature and science play a role in the feminism movement.

Making a class successful lies in many aspects. The class should feel like a comfortable and safe environment in order for the students to be confident in speaking and voicing their opinions. By making the class one that we can speak our minds then we can engage and participate more often. By hearing our peers’ opinion not only are we exposed to new perspectives, but we, not all, can then alter our own perspectives on topics discussed in class. In my opinion a class is successful when once the class is done you can still remember important ideas and discussions from the class because they made such an impact. 


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