Day One Assignment

Hi, I’m Emily Johnson. I am currently a junior human biology major, with a concentration in social aspects of disease and health and an interest in attending medical school after graduation.

As a science major, I tend to think of science in two categories: the physical sciences, which includes physics and chemistry, and the natural sciences, which includes biology and organic chemistry. In regards to feminism, there continues to be a bias against women in the science and engineering fields. Between equally qualified applicants, the male candidate tends to be favored, as well as higher paid. Although there is ever increasing push towards equality, women CEOs lead only 24 of the Fortune 500 companies in 2014. Although this is a historic high, it points to the norm of appointing men, rather than women, to high-powered executive positions. This societal norm can be stemmed from the gender roles children are taught from early ages. Young girls are taught to be maternal, given dolls and play houses, while boys are not. While this is a generalization, tradition has instilled that the realm of the woman was to be the home. This tradition led to a backlash when women began to work outside the home, which is still felt today through the glass ceiling effect.

I believe our class can be successful if we are all able to both engage and participate. Engaging in the material is to become involved in it. I believe we can do this by not merely reading the assignments, but taking some time to mediate with the reading and ask ourselves what it attempted to accomplish, and if it had any effect on our perceptions. Did it talk about a new idea? Did it change the way I viewed an a previous idea? Next, it is essential to come to class and participate. To each talk about our reflections on the assignment, and further deepen our understanding of the reading whilst expanding our own views. I believe that if we each do our part to reflect upon the material and share our reflections, our class will be a success.


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