Day One Assignment

Hello, my name is Angel Vazquez. I am a first year philosophy major who is trying switch over to a major in biology. The main reason for the “major” change is I realized that I really enjoy learning about science and that a biology major gives me a few more options after graduation.

I have always had mixed reactions when it comes to feminism. The cause of these mixed reactions come from the two approaches that people have explained the concept to me with. On one hand there is an aggressive “girls are better than boy and should be treated equally if not better than men.” While on the other side there is a more passive “give women the same liberties and fair treatment that men have.” Science is a subject I really enjoy. The ability to explain an everyday occurrence in a way that makes it seem more amazing than we give it credit for is what I love about science. As much as I like science, I also like reading works of literature. Literature is a written work that is meant to inform in an entertaining fashion.

I believe there will be a change in perspective regardless of what we do. Whether it be a complete change in our views or a strengthening of our original ideas, the way we perceive things will change. That is why promoting a willingness to engage is what I would like to focus on. For the class to participate more, I believe that we must find some sort of interest in the subjects we will be covering. If someone finds something uninteresting, then maybe our professor or some fellow classmates can introduce the subject in another way that may be found more interesting.



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