Day One Post

Hello, I’m Sydney! I am currently a sophomore studying English and it is my first year at UT. Last year I went to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, which was, no offense to any Bearkat lovers, awful. Everything closed at 6:00 pm, there were chickens just roaming around, and somehow everywhere you needed to be was uphill.

This is the class I am most excited for this semester; it will be refreshing and intriguing to see people’s views on feminism. To me, feminism is, very simply, equality of the sexes. People often think feminism is synonymous with man-hating, and even after Beyonce educated the masses on what feminism really is (thanks B, you da best), the word “feminist” still puts a bad taste in people’s mouths. Because of this, I’m just really excited to be in a safe space where ideas can be expressed and where any misconceptions can be put to rest.

The subjects of science, literature, and feminism all bring to mind very different images. When I think of science I imagine new discoveries, concrete facts and evidence. Literature calls to mind the flowing of ideas and concepts while feminism implies social justice and change.

In order to promote the willingness to engage and participate, a comfortable and understanding atmosphere is crucial. The atmosphere is what leads to engagement, which I see as being like Troy Bolton and having your head in the game. Paying attention and absorbing information are they keys there. Participation is taking that engagement a step forward; contributing while actually taking a risk – like Troy Bolton at that New Years’ karaoke party. Changing your perspective can be done when you are open to new ideas and possibilities, like when Troy auditioned for the school musical and he got all confused about basketball and stuff. I feel like if we all bring out our inner Troy Boltons, we’re going to do just fine this semester.

– Sydney


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