day one writing response

Hey y’all, I’m Jake Luebeck. I’m a senior double majoring in psych and english. After wrapping up undergrad, I plan on pursuing english grad school. 

I’m relatively familiar with the term speculative fiction; to me it means any form of fiction that presents a fantastic alternative to reality. As far as speculative fiction goes, I have mostly encountered it in sci-fi and fantasy films and video games. Other than reading some of the big dystopian novels like Farenheit 451 and 1984, I’m not all that familiar with speculative fiction in literature. I am looking forward to reading more speculative fiction and gaining a better understanding of the concept.

Feminism is another term I am relatively familiar with; I associate it with equality as well as independence for all women. I also mostly associate feminism with the early 20th century movement. While these women made significant progress and laid the groundwork for modern day feminism nearly a century ago, much change has occurred since then. The term feminism is now commonplace in society, but I think that this has brought about many misconceptions and misunderstandings, including my own. Through this class I hope to dispel some of the misconceptions of more contemporary feminism and gain a deeper understanding of it.

I think the way this class can be most successful is through active engagement. Engagement differs significantly from just participation. To me, engagement is an active investment into discussion and work in hope of gaining a deeper understanding in return. Participation is just a shallow level of engagement; it is just contributing to the discussion for a grade or because one has to. With just participation, I do not think it is possible to achieve the goal of reaching a deeper understanding and broadening horizons.


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