Reflection on Feminism is for Everybody

Hello everyone! This is Rachaelle. I hope y’all are enjoying the end of this Labor Day holiday. As I have already introduced myself in my previous post, I am going to skip over that part of the blog posting today.

To preview this blog post, I will be relating the Feminism is for Everybody to the course material. As our class was introduced to us as feminism speculative fiction, this article goes into the details of what Bell Hooks believes to be feminism and the common misunderstandings of this concept.

According to Hooks, most people tend to bring up the following:

“they” hate men

“they” want to go against nature–and God

“they” are all lesbians

and “they” are taking all jobs and making the world hard for white men.

When you ask people how they have experienced feminism, they respond as only having experienced it third-hand. They believe that woman want to be like men.

Most people don’t believe feminism is about women gaining equal rights. The biggest problem is not being anti-male, but the problem is sexism.

Overall, this article discusses the problems of interpretation of feminism. This is a great way to begin the class given that it is about feminists speculative fiction. The books that we will be reading for the class will further detail the ideas about feminism. I hope this gives everyone an idea about the relation to the class.

Have a great rest of the weekend. See y’all tomorrow.



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