If You’re Not a Feminist Then Please Change Your Mind

Let’s talk about this whole feminist article thing. Feminism is for Everybody – wow what a great title already. That was such a great way to start out the piece because it’s not something everyone gets. Feminism isn’t restricted to certain women; it’s not a club you can only get into if you vow to never shave your legs again. Hell, feminism isn’t restricted to just women, men can join the party, too. All men should be feminists, but I think that the reason that a lot of them don’t want to identify with being a feminist is because of a great point the author makes. People are getting the dirt on feminists thirdhand, a fact I have encountered with quite a handful of people. “Feminists want men to be brought down. They want women to be superior”. … I scratch my head in bewilderment. What nut-job “feminist” told you she wanted a woman-ruled society? It turns out this person does not exist, and the “feminist” being described is nothing more than a caricature that has come to exist in the collective imagination. It seems that the main source of information on feminism is coming from those links your weird uncle shares on Facebook all the time instead of actual people wanting equality.

Alright alright alright

– Sydney



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