Feminism is for Everybody

I really enjoyed most of the introduction to this book and it made me aware of some more ways that patriarchy effects both men and women.  I agree feminism is a movement we should all get behind because it can help all people but I think she is wrong in saying that essentially all feminists are like her and want equality through the support of both men and women.  Like every movement, groups inside the movement act and think about it differently.  It is important to understand that the women that think differently than Hooks are a small minority but they are active and how they act does reflect, even if it shouldn’t, on feminism as a whole.  I also think she needs to put more emphasis on what women need to do.  Hooks calls out men for being complacent in patriarchy but does not call out all the women who are not active feminists as well.  There should really be no distinction between men and women in this regard, it should be those people for equality and those against. Those people who are for equality need to take her main message to heart and stop being complacent and start changing our society for the better.


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