What on Earth did I just read…

Going into “Tiptree’s” story The Girl Who Was Plugged In, I had just about zero knowledge about what to expect. I didn’t have any sort of clue as to what this story might be about, and I wish I’d had a little bit of context because reading the whole thing was a trip, and I don’t mean a road trip. About a third of the way in I thought I had somewhat of an idea about what inspired the writer to create this piece, and what social condition she was creative commenting on. Even if I’m entirely incorrect, this message still struck me and made me think about our society. In my meager, uninformed opinion, I thought that “Tiptree” was making a commentary about how disgusting it is that modern American society revolves around consumerism. I pulled this from the story because it was so interesting that although marketing and advertisement had been outlawed in her little universe, people still found ways to advertise. Humanity just couldn’t break away from it, our society NEEDED advertising. Peopled NEEDED to be told that they NEEDED to buy things. Once her story got into the love interest between Dee and Paul though, I was completely lost. Perhaps its some sort of comment on how technology has made life so impersonal; how its so sad that one can go throughout life without making real connections with the people around them? All in all the story was quite entertaining, in the way that it was a train wreck that I just couldn’t stop watching as it crashed before me. 

Lillian Yount


One response to “What on Earth did I just read…

  1. It’s OK – you can just say Tiptree without the quotes, although I do understand the urge. It’s polite (generous, friendly and, indeed, easier) to address people as they choose to be addressed. In this context, Tiptree it is.


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