Close Reading

When the process of creating a name for P. Burke’s avatar is described as a “messy business”, I find it ironic when one considers the chain of events that it took P. Burke to get to this point. After being born with a deforming disease, attempting suicide, and now being trained in the illegal practice of advertising, the act of nomenclature shouldn’t be a “messy business”. One would think that it would be the easiest part of the transformation. Additionally, I find it interesting that although the team at GTX isn’t fond of using P. Burke’s full first name, they settle on a version of it, Delphi. I feel that it is symbolic of what was truly happening. Delphi, was in P. Burke all along, it was simply the process of getting rid of the parts of P. Burke that were undesirable so that Delphi could shine through. I feel that the alteration of the name is a great metaphor that parallels the alteration of P. Burke into Delphi. Another point of interest for me, was the area where the semantics girl was listing all of references associated with Philadelphia/Delphi. One that I thought of that was not mentioned, was the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greek mythology. I found this very symbolic because the job of an oracle is to foreshadow what is to come, and the fact that P. Burkes new name ends up being Delphi, represents to me that something off putting may be on the horizon. The Oracle at Delphi had a way of telling the future without revealing any details, so that no matter how much you tried to heed the warnings, you ended up fulfilling the exact fate you were destined for. I feel that this is almost a representation of the transformation of P. Burke as she tries to use Delphi to escape her problems but ultimately ends with a fate that was probably long overdue.


One response to “Close Reading

  1. Hello! I really liked what you said about Delphi always being apart of P.Burke but just concealed. It’s clear from how she so naturally adapts to that role that in a way it was what she was meant to be all along. Also, Delphi is is almost a reincarnated P.Burke; it’s like her after life where her soul is the same but her body is different. This could also fit into the idea of what is to come is unavoidable; like death, which even in her reincarnated form, P. Burke cannot escape. This also aligns with the idea that we discussed in class on Tuesday of SF being used as a warning of what is to come. For Delphi to mean that the future is set and unavoidable makes it an even grimmer story indeed. I really liked what you had to say on the subject of Delphi’s name! Thanks!


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