Close Reading

For my Close Reading Passage, I chose the passage from “The Girl Who Was Plugged In” on page 13.

This is the moment that Delphi’s creators have been waiting for. It’s the first test. Will Delphi be a hit or a flop? After spending so much time and money on their investment, Mr. Cantle and his team had better hope she is a great success. As it happens, Delphi is an instant hit. The “button-nose twinkling” must have won over the audiences, because soon Delphi was everywhere. She broke through the “torrent”, the never-ending and never-ceasing storm of coverage of the most important people and events, and she was able to snag her own place in the spotlight. The media in this society is even more feral and competitive than that of today, and anything that can’t make tons and tons of money isn’t given a second glance. But Delphi is deemed important enough to not only get a spot on television, but she suddenly is everywhere.

From everything such as appearing at “major events” to showing off her new body jewels, Delphi has it all. And because Delphi has it all, everyone else is led to want the same things as well. She is even seen with the “Infante”, or the second son of the ruling monarch of Spain. It’s fascinating how quickly Delphi rises to the top. Is it because of her beauty? Or was she simply engineered to do so? It is clear Mr. Cantle is pleased with Delphi’s success, and decides that he does not need to showcase Delphi’s adolescent naked body on the nude cook show in order to get people’s attention, though he seemed to have no problem doing so.  She is already out there, making her creators big money, while P.Burke is back in her room, convinced she is helping people by adding to the twisted machinations of the society around her.



One response to “Close Reading

  1. While I definitely dug your interpretation of the selected passage – it really elucidated the larger text and helped make the numerous themes more cohesive – I felt that this close reading could have used more examination of the elements that Tiptree used to convey her message. The parts of your close reading when you pulled certain words out of the text like “torrent” and “button-nose twinkling” were excellent. They really proved to me, the reader that the minor details – Tiptree’s word choice and syntax – were actually MAJOR details that related closely with the themes featured in “The Girl Who Was Plugged In”. Otherwise, job well done chica.


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