Week 3 Close Reading

This close reading is for page 12-13 of “The Girl Who Was Plugged In.” The piece is talking about the moment Delphi begins her accent into fame.

What first caught my attention in the excerpt was the use of the word “tests.” I felt it was an awkward use of the word. However, after looking up definitions for the word, I found one that said test could mean evidence or a witness. This made the sentence much clearer. It is not talking about Delphi being tested at that moment; it is about the results of the work that was done to Delphi. This made the next sentence make sense for me. Originally I questioned what it was the Delphi had noticed. Was it that she was being tested? Or that she was gaining popularity? Now I believe it is safe to say she noticed her rise in fame.

The next thing that I would like to point out is the phrase “turning up the amps.” This phrasing harks me back to the beginning of the story when P. Burke is being ignored by her rock star gods. Now P. Burke is becoming what she has always admired.

Finally I want to look at the point where “little” Delphi is called a tiger. When reading this I immediately got the image of a caged tiger at the zoo. Delphi is giving the appearance and feeling of being free, however, that is not the case. She is like an animal at the zoo; seeming free, but actually trapped. In addition, by calling her “little” Delphi we are led to believe that, like a baby animal at the zoo, she is ignorant of this fact.


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