American Apparel

Since I’ve moved to Austin and finally straightened out my hectic schedule, I decided that it was time to start the job hunt. I started looking at places that were located close to campus, or at least not too far of a walk/ride. So of course I searched up and down Guadalupe looking for a place that was hiring. I considered all the restaurants, boutiques and clothing stores. But one that stood out was American Apparel.

After my endless searching, I decided to google “American Apparel”  and some of the search options were “american apparel ceo” and “work at american apparel”. So I thought I’d check it out (now, to prevent any confusion/arguments, I have not personally gone in and asked for an application or been interviewed, this is just based on my Internet findings) and what I found definitely marked this particular store off my list.

I found countless articles talking about the alleged “physical appearance requirements”, racism, and harassment in the workplace, but I was amazed by number of articles that discussed the sexual harassment charges that had been made against the CEO of the company, Dov Charney. Most of the articles I read were dated to early this summer, but almost all of them mentioned previous incidents concerning sexual harassment, dating back as far as 2006. He was fired June of 2014. And this all started, or at least made public, in 2006. He has had many lawsuits filed against him but somehow kept the title of CEO throughout all of these complaints. I couldn’t believe that a man that has been reported to have been cruel and inappropriate towards so many women and employees of his company could have possibly kept his job.

The people that defended him saw his actions as eccentric and wild, but just a part of his personality. He was not held accountable for his actions. Without his title, status and money, Charney would not have survived this long. It’s becoming sickeningly clear just how much people are willing to overlook when you have power.

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One response to “American Apparel

  1. I definitely see why you wouldn’t want to work there. I always knew that American Apparel was a beyond sexist as far as its advertisements went, but it makes sense that it would translate into the work place. It seems like a lot of “trendy” clothing stores now have this unspoken look requirement. Another establishment on the drag that is pretty sketchy: Urban Outfitters.
    American Apparel’s sexist ads (nudity/nsfw):
    Just a few of Urban Outfitter’s misdoings:
    They also had a transphobic greeting card (tw: slurs — very sorry it has a slur in the url)
    And they support “conservative” causes (anti-lgbtqia politicians etc.) among other things

    Sorry for the info dump.


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