Navigating the blog

Just a quick note about blogging … the blog is getting as tough to navigate as The Female Man as y’all continue to build out the ecosystem with your thoughts and reflections. (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration.)

Please consider adding tags and categories to your posts to help your peers — and for that matter yourself — find content on the blog. You will all find yourselves referring back to your various notes here (it’s like a reading journal, with added extra insight from your friends) as you continue through the course, and it will be easier to locate stuff with better taxonomies.

Remember, categories are for big-picture stuff that will come up frequently while tags are for smaller details. For example, you might categorise your post ‘Close Reading’ or ‘The Matter of Seggri’, but then add tags that detail the content more closely, like ‘queerness’, ‘masculinity’, ‘education’ or ‘authorship’. You’ll probably find yourself using categories to identify texts and techniques, and tags to identify themes, areas of special interest, etc (although this isn’t obligatory). You all have the power to add categories to the blog which other students will then be able to use; tags are pretty free-form and you can use whatever you want. Take a look at the categories and tags I’ve used on this post for an example.


One response to “Navigating the blog

  1. FYI, I apparently can’t have clouds for both tags & categories (grrrr), so the categories cloud is now a drop-down and the tags are presented as a cloud (in which the more frequently a tag shows up, the larger it will appear).


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