Let’s Talk About Mindy Kaling

Everyone’s blog posts are really good and insightful and link directly back to the course material… But, like, I really like Mindy Kaling so I’m going to talk about her ?

Mindy Kaling was on The Colbert Report tonight, and as I watched the program I couldn’t help but think – wow, I love Mindy Kaling. She’s intelligent, hilarious, and wears really cute clothes; what’s not to love? But the reason I’m bringing her up is because I think she is such an important feminist icon. She represents, to me, the type of feminism I most associate with.

In the Mindy Project, Kaling plays a woman who is funny, kind, and damn good at her job. But in this same woman, she plays someone who is shallow, sensitive, dramatic, selfish, and so much more. Mindy Kaling writes her character to be a real person. In an age where we see women as two-dimensional beings in media, this portrayal of a working woman is so incredibly important. Women can be whiny and annoying and selfish and vain… but so can men. That’s the great point that’s being made – we are all human and therefore we are all flawed. Kaling also represents how the sexes are different. Women can care about their appearance, be desperate for a man, take selfies – it doesn’t make them weaker or less than.

I don’t like the idea that you can’t wear a skirt and be a feminist. I detest the notion that to follow the social norms of what women should be is going against feminism. The rule should be: no one is allowed to tell me what to wear; especially not a man. I think Mindy Kaling has taken this and run with it, being the woman she wants to be without apology.

I don’t exactly know what this is all wrapping up to. This was mainly a messy explosion of thought all spurred on by this female comedic writer. I really like Mindy Kaling, y’all.

P.S. The Mindy Project’s third season premieres tomorrow night and it’s really hilarious; you should all watch it.

– Sydney


One response to “Let’s Talk About Mindy Kaling

  1. Another feminist question to ask about Kaling: How did a NBC talent end up writing and staring in a Fox show? Kaling, co-star/ writer/ and executive producer of NBC’s hit The Office, first pitched the idea for The Mindy Project to NBC. NBC passed because they had already slated 4 female lead comedies to their fall line up. This quota reminds me of how in Tina Fey’s, Bossypants, she talks about how stand-up comedy troupes (typically consisting of four people) usually only had space for one woman. She states that the crowds didn’t want to watch four women do stand-up. While this shifted during her career, as she and Amy Poehler became co-anchors of The Weekend Update on SNL (and have since gone on to each write/produce/ and star in their own shows on NBC), some truth to that remains, as their seems to remain a quota on female-lead comedy shows-assumedly in response to the audiences low demands for them.


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