Connecting Perspectives

I think it is interesting that there are four different girls in “The Female Man” just like there are many different perspectives in “The Matter of Seggri.” In “The Matter of Seggri” these different perspectives combine to make evidence for a combined point. The author gives us the point of view of an observer, a woman who tries to assimilate into the culture of Seggri, a native girl’s view, a piece of literature, and a native guy’s point of view. These perspectives all come together to show what life on Seggri actually was like.

I wonder if “The Female Man” might end up similarly and parallel “The Matter of Seggri.” I think all the perspectives will complement each other and reinforce the same idea. The different characters are all necessary to guide one another’s stories. The author is taking us out of our comfort zone, and out of our world by using an alternate universe and combining it with Earth, to show us how things actually are right now in our world, since we cannot really see what it is like in the moment. Seeing something in different perspectives helps to see the big unbiased picture.

It also will be interesting to continually see how a cat lady from Earth, a women living on Earth at the beginning of the feminist movement, a woman from a different planet living in the future, and an yet to be discovered woman will all connect to one another. Obviously, they will all be experiencing something related to gender differences and how different genders are treated. Though all the time-travel and different settings can be confusing, it is essential in this book to give us the different perspectives. At the same time, time in the novel doesn’t seem to matter too much, since the women are all encountering the same problems.


One response to “Connecting Perspectives

  1. I hadn’t thought about the different perspectives in “The Matter of Seggri” to be able to parallel those in “The Female Man”. I think it’s interesting that both authors chose to use more than one perspective in order to recount their stories. It can be at times confusing, maybe just in “The Female Man”, but it allows for us to gather facts about a certain topic from different points of view.
    I like how you pointed out that the authors had to take us to an alternate time and place in order to show us what is happening in our time. It’s true that since it is right in front of us we can’t see the problems we face as a society.


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