The Female Man reaction

As we discussed on Tuesday, many of us have reactions of confusion and uncertainty because of the way the book was written. First of all, has everyone been introduced? It appears that Jael may have already been introduced without an introduction of her name, but it still has a ambiguity of interpretation. Another thing that has been shocking throughout this reading of the Female Man is the language and graphic depictions that are given. There has to be some type of significance to why the graphic depictions are given the way they are. I believe that it is to give a better understanding of emotions along with physical interactions with one another. You can definitely tell that there are strict rules in place for some of the stories. Laur, who is young, and Janet, who considers herself to be much older, have an interesting relationship because Janet feels like the age between the two is too much and this plays into the events that follow. On the other hand, Laur doesn’t care about age because she is from a different society in which age is not particular important or hasn’t been discussed as important yet for her. It is strange to read some of the conversations between couples and non couples. Cal and Jeanine has a weird relationship where Jeanine is looking for something better, but keeps saying that Cal is good to her although he will never amount to anyone other than that. Overall, the story keeps you on your feet and you really have to know the author of each section, which has been hard to determine at some points.


One response to “The Female Man reaction

  1. I agree with your point about the strange dynamic between characters. There seems to be a lot of contradiction happening, for example the way Laur and Janet seem to really care for each other and begin a sexual relationship (I think that’s what happened?) but keep getting uncomfortable about the taboo of the age difference, as well as the way Jeanette thinks about breaking it off with Cal but at the same time says that he’s good to her and she could never lose him.


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