OED- Hinder?

I chose the word hinder found in part seven, section one. The reason I picked this word is because it really does seem out of place. At this point Jael says “and standing on your one foo like a de-clawed cat, rake at your feeble efforts to save yourselves with my taloned hinder feet…” Normally when I think of the word hinder I think of some kind of deterrent, Basically I think of something that prevents something from being done. However when I try to put that same line of thinking into the way the word is being used in that sentence, it does not make any sense. What is she trying to say about her talons? Is she referring to the fact that she doesn’t normally have her talons out, so they are usually restricted?

After looking trough the Oxford English Dictionary I found four different definitions for the word hinder. Two of them had similar definitions to what I originally thought. For example, an obstruction, or to impair are two of the definitions I found. Both have the same general idea; something is preventing you from doing something.

Luckily I was able to find one definition that was able to clear my misunderstanding. The definition that I believe the Joanna Russ intended to be used is deceitful, crafty, or insidious. When I put that definition into the text I realized that Jael was not referring to her talons, but rather her feet when she said hinder, Her feet are deceitful because you would have never guessed there were talons there. Which, in hindsight, kind of relates back to my original theory about the talons being restricted. I guess it could be a double meaning.


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