Phallic War Machines

Ok, so let’s talk about Tank Girl for a second.

The first topic I want to bring up: how did she change her hair color so many times? Also, the amount of costume changes to be had in a desert was astounding.

The movie was… well, it was a movie. It did make a few points though- namely how disrespectful towards the women the men were. Well, at least the bad guys, they treated them like trash and got even angrier when they wouldn’t sleep with them solely for the reason that they treated them like trash. I think that says a few things about the stereotypical ‘masculine’ mindset. There was also the forced sexualization of the little girl, brought on by the madam of the house when she says ‘the girl’s gotta learn sometime.’ This is obviously a poke at the sexualization of females, even at young ages.

I do have a few questions, though. How did Jet Girl regain her sight after getting hit in the head? Also somehow she turned into the ‘Sexy Nerd Girl’ trope near the end of the movie? Can we please also discuss about how there were implied sexual relations with a man-kangaroo-dog thing? I mean you love who you love, but like, still. Dude was a man-kangaroo-dog thing.

Though I did very much so enjoy the musical number in the oasis/strip-club place, in which they sung songs in a fountain when they could have very well escaped from the clutches of the bad guys and the movie would’ve ended much, much earlier. Also, could the turret thing of the tank could have been a phallic symbol? Because Tank Girl was like always on it, and it just seemed too easy to make a phallic symbol out of.

Shoutout to Madeline for that groovy picture of Tank Girl and her man-kangaroo-dog thing husband/boyfriend.



One response to “Phallic War Machines

  1. My mother, who’s a complete old hippie, always talks about how war-machines are just extensions of the male ego and thereby the penis. In her opinion, warmongers always feel the need the compensate (wink, wink). So you’re not alone Peter. Skyscrapers, war machines, rockets – all can be interpreted as phallic symbols. Although we shouldn’t get too carried away with all that Freudian nonsense.


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