Tank Girl impressions

Throughout the entire movie, Tank Girl had quite a few sexually explicit lines. These one-liners were typically directed at men, but sometimes at Jet Girl. I guess they were meant to show that she had the power over her sexuality, even later choosing a riper as a partner (who was basically a kangaroo-human hybrid). However, if that was the intent of these lines, they missed their mark in my opinion. Many of the lines sexualized herself in the front of men, and many times these were men who were her captors and thus could easily force themselves upon her if they wished (at times when she really did not have power over her sexuality). For example, the scene in the plane when she offered to please one of her captors, who eagerly attempted to take her up on the offer. Thankfully, she took that moment to kill him, but the whole scene left me feeling uncomfortable- probably not the desired effect.

That being said, there were some moments of Tank Girl that made an impression on me. I quiet enjoyed the scene where she and Jet Girl went to go save her younger sister. I liked how although there was a video loop telling her exactly how to dress, she completely ignores it. While this causes her to stand out in the brothel, she defies the norms in order to dress however she fancied. This is definitely a feminist issue that I can connect to. Women should be able to dress (and act and dream and think) however they please. Just because we are women does not mean that we should conform to societal norms for us if it means sacrificing our true desires.


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