Peer Review

So I’ve decided that for this week’s blog post I would talk about the peer review session we had today. I have never been keen on the whole other people reading my writing thing. Yet today I really enjoyed the whole process. I found it very beneficial and useful. I really liked how none of us, or at least in my group, were afraid to say we thought of each other’s papers. We were being honest and genuinely trying to help each other better our papers. It was also interesting because not one person had the same excerpt as another.So we were able to see the different opinions and literary devices found in the excerpts by each person.This allowed for us to learn something new from the stories we have read.I received plenty of comments and feedback that I will definitely take into account when I revise my paper. This process of peer reviewing each other’s paper not only helped us with our own papers, but everyone’s as well. When we practice being critical of other’s work we can in turn learn how to be critical about our own work. All in all today, in my opinion, was a success.
I’m sorry if I sound a bit out there and all mushy, but this was the first time I ever had the opportunity to peer review, such like this one. Its helped me and I hope it has also helped you all!

– Julieta


One response to “Peer Review

  1. I love peer review because it always makes everyone’s paper a million times better! It can be really hard to see things in your own paper after reading it a bunch of times so it’s nice to have someone’s opinion that hasn’t read it. It also really helps me because a lot of times I think I’m making sense and proving a point but to someone else I might just be going on and on about nothing. One of the most helpful parts of peer review to me is when someone asks about something and you give them a great response and you realize that you should maybe put it in your paper. And I agree with what you said that it is cool to see what other people have written about!


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