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Sooo there was no directed blog post and I was feeling creative, so I just started writing and this is what happened…nah, I didn’t have any problems in high school. None at all.

If you’ve ever taught at or attended a public high school, you know that teenagers can be rather interesting or outright silly. Even if you haven’t crossed the boundary of sanity and set foot into a public school before, you must have encountered those “enlightened” rebels that know all the answers about life, don’t need to be told what to do, and certainly don’t need any instruction from a “buzz-killing adult.”

Now, if you’ve had the luxury to attend one of the numerous STD- and pregnancy-infested high schools that are in abundance across the US, then you’ve certainly come into contact with several types of know it all, hormone-hyped, and socialitic teenagers, one of which being the Gum-Moocher. Every day during math class or lunch, the Gum-Moocher will invade your space, begging for a piece of breath-freshening, flavor-filled Take 5 or Trident. These Moochers never bring gum of their own and always find a few people to supply them for every day of their 5-year high school career. Why don’t they ever have gum of their own? The answer is simple. These self-declared geniuses figured out early that they couldn’t afford to put up $2,000 a year to supply themselves with gum.

Two other characters of the high school experience, ones that young lady athletes are sure to meet, are the Pony-Tail bandit and the Bobby-Pin Hoarder. In athletics, girls are required to put up all of their hair and keep it out of their faces. Normally this is a good rule, except for the fact that there’s always those few ladies that persistently forget to bring their own hair ties. Desperate to avoid towel drills they beg other members on the team for a ponytail, saying that they’ll give it back, and then conveniently losing it for eternity. Sometimes if they find your hair-tie that you put aside for a moment, they’ll claim it as their own, leaving you ponytail-less and owing laps to the Coach. Then there’s those girls that need to have Every strand of their hair out of their face, and go through billions of bobby-pins and hair clips every month, none of them their own. The name for this little thief: the Bobby-Pin Hoarder. You could always tell off this 2nd-degree hoarder and say that you’re sick and tired of being their supplier, but then you have to go through their gilt trips and hearing about how your always just “so mean,” and that “sharing is caring…”

In the end it just comes down to the fact that there are hundreds of different characters in High School that are equally silly and ignorant in their ways. On numerous occasions one can easily snap on these oblivious people, and although they may test your Nerve and make you explain Every LITTLE THING To Them… its important to stay calm, count to 10 if necessary, and politely tell them to buzz off before you push them off of an overpass.


2 responses to “Randomness Blog

  1. I have no clue if this is acceptable for a free blog post.
    I may have taken the reigns a bit too far.
    I’m sorry if I did.


  2. As a member of dance team in high school, I can personally attest to the bobby pin hoarder. Typically identified by the noticeably blonde colored bobby pins clashing with their dark brown hair, they take bobby pins wherever they can be found and never buy their own. However, I can identify with this greatly as my room, closet, and every purse I own is somehow littered with lost, stolen (mostly blonde) bobby pins. **see also red lip stick stealer (returning it smushed and germ ridden), hair spray moocher (ugh really now…?), and deodorant thief (ew…just… just no)**

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