Paper Time

Is it only me that writes something then gets stumped and wants to redo the whole thing and possibly choose a different thing to write about EVERYTIME I get a decent way into a paper? I honestly can’t think of one paper that I haven’t changed topics at least once. This time I was struggling with choosing any passage at all and then I found two I liked and didn’t know which one was better. I started on one then switched to the other and then I went back to the first one I chose. I’m fighting the urge to switch again, but I probably will not do that because peer review and you know, effort. Someday I will train myself to just find one passage and be convinced that it will make a good paper.

Last semester I had to write a ten-page paper on two literary texts. I chose the movie Let the Right One In and the book “Pride and Prejudice.” It was the most annoying and stressful paper I had ever written. Both texts had to be close read and then we had to go through a series of mini assignments leading up to the final, which made it hard to tell if you could turn your idea into a 10 page paper and by the time it was ready to write it you couldn’t change what you were writing on. Not to mention my teacher was crazy and wanted all of us to be crazy in our writing too. So I wasn’t too exited to be doing another close reading assignment, although this one is a billion times better than the other one and I’m almost done!


One response to “Paper Time

  1. I completely agree! It’s always half way through my paper that I have a spark of inspiration on what I should’ve focused my paper on slash how to organize everything. Thus, I end up changing directions, typically in a dramatic 180 fashion, and having to go back to rewrite the beginning. Actually, I sometimes start writing in the middle of my paper and then go back and do the introduction and whatnot way later because I honestly have no idea what direction I’m going to go (or if I do know, I know I’ll probably change my mind continuously). (Insert gif of Michael Scott reminiscing on how he sometimes begins a sentence, not knowing where it will go, but hoping he’ll find it along the way). Maybe it’s because I’m a bio major and for lab reports we typically start in the middle with hypothesis, then go back and write the introduction to focus it to our findings? Or maybe I’m just super weird? It’s a toss up. Either way, I always get a little anxious a few hours before I turn something in because I’m worried I’ll suddenly have regrets. I honestly can’t look at my assignments the day they’re due because it will just give me anxiety. But maybe that’s only me…


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