this blog post isn’t really related to feminism or some heavy topic we’ve tackled in the course so far, it’s just my quick reflection over writing the first essay. writing the paper was really not too bad. selecting a passage of text was not difficult. doing the literary analysis was not difficult. citing and formatting the paper was not difficult. by far the most difficult part for me was actually just starting to write the paper.

i find that i will do pretty much anything i can to procrastinate. just today alone i’ve done all of my laundry, cleaned my whole apartment, mindlessly surfed the internet, (hell, this blog itself is even another way for me to procrastinate) all in an attempt to put off writing my revisions. this makes me wonder: why do i procrastinate?

honestly, i really have no idea why i procrastinate so much. maybe it’s laziness? maybe it’s a lack of motivation? maybe it’s just a bad habit? maybe there’s some kind of bitter-sweetness to it? maybe somehow i secretly really enjoy placing myself under the pressure to get it done because it absolutely forces me to? i’m really not sure why i continue to do it. it’s not very logical and forcing myself to write at the absolute last minute is always so stressful. i try to tell myself that next time i won’t procrastinate and i’ll get my paper done ahead of time, but that just never seems to happen. i should probably stopped rambling on this blog post and go finish my revisions buuuuuut netflix is just screaming “BINGE WATCH ME.”


One response to “procrastinating

  1. I totally know how this feels. It’s hard to get yourself to do something you’re not doing for fun, especially when you know it’s going to take a while. I don’t know if this will help or not but here’s what I usually do: If I’m going to be working on a paper or something, I grab my laptop and go to a place that I don’t usually hang out at, (like I’ll go to the FAC or somewhere with tables and stuff) put on my headphones with music I like turned up loud so it blocks out any noise and force myself to work. But that’s just me. You just have to find a method that works for you and stick with it. Hope that helps!

    (Useless fun fact: Did you know the word “procrastinate” comes from the latin “pro” meaning forward and “cras” meaning tomorrow? Procrastinate literally means to put off till tomorrow!)


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