Tank Grrrl Class Discussion

I thought Tank Girl was a pretty kickass movie. Rebecca just did not give a shit. I like her character a lot because she knows who she is and what she stands for, and she refuses to let anything or anyone stand in her way. She’s a good girl who in the end defeats the bad guy and brings justice to all, including the Rippers. Before today’s class discussion, I had never even thought about the fact that the movie was pretty much completely white, or the fact that the white savior (Rebecca) comes in to save the minority (Rippers) and the rest of the world. I also never thought about the concept that the post-sex scene between Rebecca and the Ripper and the idea of beastiality could have any racial connotation. But boy does that all make a lot more sense to me now. While the film could be considered a women’s empowerment movie, it definitely still speaks to a lot of the other issues in society, such as racism and sexuality. Putting it in context with the Punk era of the 70s and onward, I definitely see the connections. Although Rebecca’s character may stand for the “superior” white figure in society, I think she is still portrayed as an overall caring person. She doesn’t see the differences between her and anybody else, Ripper or human. That’s just my opinion. I also thought the way the movie switched between real people and comic characters was pretty cool too.


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