Between the sexes

In 1980 Judith Finlayson wrote an article titled Between the Sexes: Let’s start sticking together. In this article she speaks on how women behave in relation to not only men, but in relation to each other. She talks on how society has created an atmosphere of hostility between women and how the patriarchal structure continues to perpetuate the ideal that men are the valued prize and that any relationship between women should be abandoned in pursuit of the ultimate treasure. In the end she touches on how women have started to work together to overcome such limitations that are set upon them.

I think this echoes back to The Female Man, because the essence of the book is really about the relationship between these four women. Their friendships don’t really have any men between them, but it harkens back to the idea that to become stronger and move forward as a collective group, the women must stick together. They find each other and help each other through trials and troubles, and in the end when Jael asks them for assistance, they (not all) work together to assure that the treatment of women will get better in time. The book is about things such as inequality and liberation and oppression, of course, but in it’s rawest form its a group of women working together for something greater than just themselves.



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