I cried, “Water!!!”

My friend Charlotte and I went to the UT Baylor game last Saturday. We had a fun time and spent the first half of the game sweating and daring each other to go up and hit on this literally hot guy in front of us. But by the second half we both began to wilt. The game was souring and so was my perseverance against the heat. I no longer possessed the energy to cuss out the ref but sat hiding my face behind my program in shame.

We began to talk about water. “You know I carry a bottle with me to all my classes…. Yeah but the waters so gross from the water fountains…. all bottled water is is run off Cola water…. they’re making a fortune… water…” We had completely forgotten the sad game the the hottie in front of us. We were stripped down to our basic needs.

I began desperately scanning for the water guy. Then there he was with a hat that said, “Water – $4.” Four dollars? Who cares! 

“He’s getting away!” The water guy hadn’t seen me! I was going to collapse!

Then a nice guy behind me said, “Do you want me to run after him and get you a water?”

I’ve been saved! “Would you?” I’m already handing him the money. “Thank you so much!”

He’s off and he soon returns. I beam. I then notice that he’s wearing green. Great.

I drank that four dollar water in two minutes. The whole thing. All twenty ounces. I didn’t even offer any to Charlotte. She later went and bought a lemonade.

All that to say that when basic needs are not being met other issues are ignored. In my quest for water I compromised my issues with paying four dollars for tap water, with plastic bottles, with big corporations, with Baylor, and with being a lousy friend.

For some reason this story seems connected to the eco-feminist and their claim that when our basic natural needs are not being taken care of then the bigger issues like equality will be compromised.


This is what I felt like when I finally got the water… an eco-feminist who has been compromised in the face of passing out.


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