Free Blog Post 10/13

In this weeks blog post I wanted to compare and contrast The Matter of Seggri with the Toward a Queer Ecofeminism. Essentially, Towards a Queer Ecofeminism explored the ideas of feminism and its relationship to nature. I thought it would be fun to compare these two readings, as the men from Seggri and women in the real world have many similarities, as do the women on Seggri and men in the real world. Firstly, the savageness associated with women was particularly fascinating to me. Women in modern culture are often portrayed as intelligent, mannered, and demure. However, from Toward a Queer Ecofeminism I gleaned that, especially in undeveloped cultures, it wasn’t always that way. I feel that Gaard would say something to the effect that man may think he has tamed the wild woman and made her more dignified. This parallels Seggri were the women had literally tamed men and relegated them to the confines of the castle, serving as means of procreation and entertainment only, like trained, docile animals. Another similarity that I saw was the association of technology with men in the real word and the women on Seggri. Gaard proposed that men in the real world are associated with the technology archetype, and that this association represents men taking dominion and charge over women. I liked the example given where men were compared to plows and women the earth. Even though this was given as a justification for the “proper” sexual technique, I just thought it was interesting that even in such a carnal act men were still represented by industry and women by the earth. As if women gained their value from men, because even though a women could bring life into this world she needed a man to do it. One difference, that I did notice exists in the fact that men in the real world are viewed as more industrial and therefore more valuable. However, on Seggri even though women are portrayed as industrial they still considered men of high value. On Seggri the carnal nature of men made them more important due to the high infant mortality rate of male children on the planet. Adversely the supposed carnal nature on women in the real world makes them of lesser value because it is thought of as ungodly and abasing. Women close to nature are deemed witches, whereas on Seggri the closer a man was to what was thought to be natural for men, the more like a god he became. Perhaps if there were a shortage of fertile women on earth or if there were and overall high infant mortality rate, carnal nature among women would begin to have more positive connotations. At this point, a system like the one on Seggri except where women were confined and paid to produce children could hypothetically arise from the need to perpetuate the population. However, I can never see a system like this prospering on our planet nor do I desire for such a system to ever exist. I just thought the comparison between the men on Seggri and the women of the real world was interesting because they are so similar but yet different in fundamental ways.


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