Anthropolgy + Eco Feminism

Okay, so I’m taking an intro to anthropology lecture this semester. It’s super interesting and it never fails that I can connect something we’ve discussed in that lecture to any of my other classes. But one thing that we’ve recently gone over is Materialism vs. Idealism. These are theories that attempt to explain the reasoning behind human behaviors and actions, but each take a different stance.

Materialism argues that essential human needs, such as water, food and shelter are the driving force behind our behaviors, and that without these, culture and ideas would serve no purpose. While Idealism argues that the way that ones mental health and the way one perceives the world around them is a more determining force, and that even without resources mental health is the more important need.

And I couldn’t help but think about the eco-feminism topic that we had started talking about in this class. I wondered how these theories could be used to discuss the ideas of sustainability, water and fuel that eco-feminism focuses on as well as the spiritual/mental health and self awareness that feminism as a whole calls for.  There are people that will defended each side of this topic and it’s so easy to go back and forth with examples supporting both, but I think it’s more realistic to take a more moderate view where both biological needs and mental needs are viewed as equal.


One response to “Anthropolgy + Eco Feminism

  1. Fabulous point to bring up. I don’t believe any of these can exist as mutually exclusive. If someone is deprived of their most basic biological needs, their mental health will suffer and their basic ideologies run the risk of being discarded or skewed. Furthermore, if a person’s basic biological needs are not being met, it is harder for them to reach any form of self-awareness or social consciousness.


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