Free Blog Post – Week 8

After reading Gaard’s article I saw the importance it is to conserve our environment. Yes, the equality of women is very important as well, but if we don’t conserve our resources and environment there won’t be a planet for people to be oppressed on. All we hear about today is the rise in pollution and decrease of clean drinkable water. If we don’t have the resources to sustain life, we won’t need to worry about new ways to oppress certain groups of people. The Eco feminists strive to bring awareness in the injustice of the treatment of women, but also the alarming depletion of our resources that sustain us. Explained in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we have a need for water and air to survive. That is all of our basic needs. So in order for us to become socially conscious of the matter of feminism we must fulfill our basic needs first. Ecofeminism is a good approach to this since it focuses on our basic need as well as our social need.

To touch on the discussion we had in class, I agree with the ways we can spread awareness of both feminism and preservation of our environment we spoke about in class. I truly believe that to change the mindset of a very stubborn society we need to open the minds of individuals. Those open-minded individuals will in turn discuss topics with others and enlighten them on subjects unbeknownst to them. Now that I have read Gaard’s article my perspective on the role feminism can take has changed. By being exposed to new material and subjects we can then see things differently. Approach things in a new way.


One response to “Free Blog Post – Week 8

  1. I’m learning a lot about this in my UGS Sustaining a Planet class, so it’s interesting that these kinds of ideas intertwine in english class as well. Environmental awareness and change really do start on the individual level, one person can make a difference. What better place than a huge university filled with people like UT to get started?


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