Mid-semester check-in data

Here’s a link to the full set of responses to the mid-semester check-in y’all provided on Thursday. I’ve paraphrased the responses for both concision and further anonymisation, and shuffled the responses around a bit so they don’t line up (ie, point 1 on each list isn’t made by the exact same person).

I’ll discuss some of the critical points in class today, but wanted to provide the complete data to you as a reference.

I’m also going to drop off this link from one of the courses I’ve taught in the past as some option reading. Some classes in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing are assessed using the Learning Record, which is an alternative method of grading where students compile portfolios of their work and argue for a grade based on their personal progress over the course of the semester. Classes in the Department of English never employ this method, but I think the Dimensions of Learning (the various ways in which people progress as they learn) listed on that page are a kick-arse tool for thinking about how we conduct ourselves in our shared pursuit of education. (Again, I’ll talk about this more in class today.)


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