Government Inc.

While reading the TYOTF, I always found it interesting that there seems to be no mention at all of an established government. There is only CorpsSec Corps. I looked around on the internet and found that Canada was going through a recession around 2008, around the same time the US was. I found an article that said that many banks in Canada were bailed out as a result. There might not be an exact connection here, but I think that Margaret Atwood was trying to imply in her novel that the company CorpSec Corps in a way took over the government, or perhaps the company and whatever government had already been there had melded together. This was also around the time that the Citizens United case happened in the US, which declared that corporations could contribute an unlimited sum of money to political campaigns. Again, this may not be a direct connection, as it happened in the States and not in Canada, but I think these instances are really important to the story. I think it shows the way Atwood feels about how the government and big money corporations are more closely connected than most people believe, which has the potential to lead to many problems. It can be argued that the bank bailout was necessary, because without they would have lost a lot of money, but the article I found stated that “not one of the banks was in danger of going bankrupt”. Instead the money was used to help get the banks to keep making credit deals and other investments, supposedly to put the economy back on its feet. Whatever the case may be, I think Atwood’s world expresses the worst outcome of a corporate-government relationship, and it seems her opinion on this sort of system is very clear.



2 responses to “Government Inc.

  1. I had never stopped to ponder on the fact that there is no government brought up in the novel, so far. I think your point on Atwood implying that CorpsSec Corps took over the government in her novel is valid. I think she could even be implying that in the ‘future’ we might not be run by a group of individuals which we call government, but by large corporations. This leads into your next point of money corporations and the government being closely connected with one another. I think they whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, they are. We see it all the time. Major corporations that fund government officials tend to see some benefit in their candidate winning an election. I might be taking this too far, but I can see where Atwood made a connection between them both.


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