The Year of the Flood alludes to a disease that is called the Waterless Flood. The article I chose was on superbugs and was written in 2008 right before this The Year of the Flood was published. In the article, the author reasons that our use misuse of antibiotics has created fatal superbugs that we cannot treat.

Superbugs are viruses that medicine can’t cure that spread and develop rapidly. They are a major medical problem because they cannot be cured by the typical medicines. The author brings up many different issues surrounding the issue of superbugs that connect this issue to some presented in The Year of the Flood.

First, he points out that these superbugs can be created from feeding animals antibiotics for preventative use and that they then travel to humans through human consumption of these medicine-filled animals. This not only plays a role in the book in that the Gardeners do not eat animals, but also that they focus on treating the animals with respect since antibiotics are given to livestock to prevent them from getting diseases from being so close together and ill treated.

Another way superbugs relate to The Year of the Flood is through a point the author makes about antibiotics role in the superbug. Different types of bacteria mutated to become resistant to antibiotics that doctors were frequently prescribing. He states that taking antibiotics increases your risk of getting disease. Superbugs ironically pose a threat that we might be back to a world without antibiotics. I think this connects to The Year of the Flood because a disease has wiped out the population.


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