Canada in the 2000s

I was doing some research on what was happening socially and politically in canada around the time The Year of the Flood was written, and I found out a few things that I could connect back with the novel. Starting in 2007, the Canadian government became increasingly aware of people’s effect on the environment and the planet and began passing laws and goals to help solve these issues. They passed an action plan for sustainability in April of that year. We touched on this a little in discussion of the novel in reference to the bees, and how when they started dying off people really started to understand firsthand how human impact could affect nature. Additionally, in 2009 the Canadian government began to work against commercial hunting methods and move towards animal welfare guidelines. This is clearly reflected in the Gardeners’ apparent care for the animals and vegetarianism. I also found out from Margaret Atwood’s Wikipedia page that she devoted a great deal of focus in many of her works on human relationships with animals, feminism, and science fiction. She also spent time involved in organizations for going green and protecting the environment. All of these things show up in The Year of the Flood!


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