The Year of The Flood – SG – 9/30/14

The Year of the Flood was an amazing selection for this course and I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to read the novel and analyze it further within the context of our class discussions and blog postings. The end of the reading was particularly significant in my opinion as it pertained to the power of God. When Toby and Ren are eventually reunited with Shakie, Croze, the rest of the old Gardeners, and what’s left of MaddAddam, it is explained that the BlyssPluss pill created by Glenn caused the pandemic that has ravaged the earth. Furthermore, it is explained that the scientist of MaddAdam were captured and used to create these immortal perfect humans, also at the command of Glenn. When I considered these two occurrences, the eradication of the human race more or less through sex and the creation of a new race, I started to wonder if Glenn considered himself some type of God. The pandemic Glenn caused was commonly referred to as the waterless flood by the gardeners. When I read flood my mind quickly moves to the flood motif that is present in many creation myths; in the bible the story of Noah. From the Bible we know that God, tired of the sinful nature of mankind, planned to flood the earth to start the human race anew. Only God’s faithful servant Noah and his family would be spared from God’s vengeance. Looking back at The Year of The Flood, Ren and Glenn first met while Ren was still with the Gardeners. Ren asked Glenn if he were making the world over, would he make it better than God had, correcting the design flaw of illness etc., and Glenn said yes. Clearly Glenn took the idea to heart as we can see with the creation of the blue people. However, with the few that are still left on the earth I wonder if there will be provisions for both the “real” people and Glenn’s creations, or can only one race survive. My other questions are as follows. If Glenn himself didn’t believe in God, in practice at least, who did he think he was to these new creations? Was he not a God to them in his own right, and if he was a God among his new men, is that what he wanted; to be God? If one goes back to ponder the flood motif that is present in creation myth, it seems that when God does decide to cleanse the earth he chooses to spare his loyal servants so that they can repopulate the earth and maintain Gods teachings. Although it is clear that the new people that Glenn has created were designed to “believe” in him and repopulate the earth, how do the Gardener’s fit into this equation? Glenn spent enough time with the Gardener’s and Ren individually to foresee that if anyone were to survive the waterless flood it would be them. Did Glenn see this happening; I’m even starting to wonder if the Gardeners were in on the whole thing. The fact that Adam One had been calling it the waterless flood from the very beginning is very ominous considering how everything happened. If the Gardener’s themselves, namely Adam One, were in on the waterless flood from the beginning of the story, lets just say I would’ve has a completely different outlook on the reading.


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