Directed Blog Post – Neoliberalism

The article I chose to discuss for this week goes along with my blog post from last week and my essay 2 prompt. This article was published in 2008 and discusses the different aspects and consequences of neoliberalism. The author focused on the stress of easy free trade across boundaries, and as well as seeking the cheapest labor they could find. The author wrote about how because there are now seamless boundaries due to consumer good being acceptable on the Internet, neoliberalism is broadening its scope much wider. Neoliberalism not only aims to privatize anything and everything, but take any given object and or idea and market it. The ways these marketed ideas are spread for consumers to buy are by the use of television and seeing others use certain objects.
In The Year of The Flood Ren often wanted anything Amanda had. She thought the materialistic things Amanda possessed were beyond cool, and she ultimately wanted to have them as well, cellphone. We could also see this going back to Tiptree’s The Girl Who Was Plugged In. P. Burke along with everyone else wanted to own whatever the gods were advertising that week. Now I can see the tie between neoliberalism and this tactic.
The stress of social enhancement is overpowered by the need for economic and financial advancement. This leaves for the poverty stricken class to be left behind to suffer while the privileged to be launched forward. This article simply illustrated some of the aspects and side effects of the economic mentality that is neoliberalism.


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