Plastic Surgery

In today’s society we are constantly hearing about the next celebrity thats gotten some kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery. I read an interesting article published a year after the Year of the Flood (haha… no?) and it talked about how people become addicted to plastic surgery. How plastic surgery is not about being natural but about something beyond that.

In the article it talks about Heidi Montag and how she got ten reconstructive surgeries in one day. It calls her a plastic surgery addict and shows how it is not normal to get plastic surgery. That plastic surgery is not about maintaining the normal but about rebuffing it. For it is perfectly normal to age with time.

Atwood does a good job of showing the futility of plastic surgery in her book. I thought about how in TYOTF both Toby and Lucerne get plastic surgery but for two very different reason. Lucerne gets it done regularly in order to maintain the beauty of her youth. Whereas Toby gets plastic surgery in order to protect herself. However both expect similar results.

Lucerne gets plastic surgery in oder to be attractive and Toby hopes that after hers she will be attractive. However plastic surgery only manages to change them on the outside and cannot actually turn back the hands of time and make them feel differently about themselves. It cannot make them truly attractive.

Lucerne is already attractive and therefore plastic surgery acts more to preserve her beauty. Toby, however, goes from being physically unattractive to physically perfect but remains unattractive. Surgery cannot give out the attractiveness of self-confidence.

Celebrities and Americans of today are becoming hooked on plastic and cosmetic surgery and other creams and snake oils in a desire to remain attractive or become attractive. However this is merely an addictive coping behavior that cannot solve the real problems that people face in their souls.


One response to “Plastic Surgery

  1. I found it really interesting how Fox News chose to address the issue of plastic surgery: an obsession or an addiction? There doesn’t seem to be a very clear line between the two. Probably because they’re aiming for a condemnation rather than an actual discussion. I’m also starting to wonder why Atwood chose to include this element of plastic surgery, used for both superficiality and survival, in a novel that seems to address larger, more catastrophic issues. Perhaps it could have something to do with idea of evolution that she explores throughout the course of the novel… just a few thoughts. 🙂


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