Peer review feedback instructions

You already have access to the optional peer review worksheets. Here are your instructions for your (required) written feedback.

Last time around, I had you all write short letters to your peers as a supplement to or instead of the questionnaires. This time, you should express your feedback in gif form (which means you will need to compose it electronically). Post your feedback on the course blog so we can all glory in the gifs — and get a sense of what issues we’re all struggling with and what stuff we’re all really great at. If you and your buddy are uncomfortable making that feedback that public, email it to each other and cc Beck.

Note that in both WordPress and Gmail, you need to insert the image from the URL to get the picture to move — don’t save and reupload it. Flag Beck down if you need this demo’d.

Sample feedback behind the cut …

Here is a sample with deliberately vague text — please be specific in your own feedback! This is also really long — it’s OK if yours is only a couple of gifs long.

I had really never thought about [x] from [y] angle before!

I think you should be careful about generalisations, though.

And sometimes it was tough to follow your line of argument.

But I thought about it a lot …

And when I persevered …

… then I got it! So maybe work on your structure.

I really enjoyed your point about [a]. At first I was like …

… and then I was like …

But then I was all …

because that was such a great idea.

It was a slow build, but you brought together [m] and [n] …

… to successfully demonstrate [y].

And you really put a hole in [that one really weird claim]

You might also want to take another look at [such and such a detail].

But overall, this essay is …

Well done!

You should feel really proud of yourself.

And hopefully your revisions don’t take too long, so you can …

One bonus gif as a reminder that when everyone works together, everything goes great and everyone gets to celebrate.


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