Peer Review: Frances

When we first got to class, you talked about needing to finish your conclusion.

So I was thinking “oh okay, someone else who’s done about as much as I have so we should partner up for blah blah”

But when I sat down and started to read you paper…

I realized that you had not only written waaay more than me. But that your paper was spotless.

I continued to read and continued to find little or no mistakes or even things to adjust. So although you might not have been able to tell, this was me on the inside

while I started to mentally compare my ROUGH draft and your (not rough at all) rough draft. By the end of your paper, needless to say, I didn’t feel so good about mine anymore.

Your paper had a great structure, and an awesome topic. And there was hardly anything to change besides a few minor things like adding more supportive sources like we discussed earlier.

So girl, keep it up.

Oh, and since my laptop was acting crazy earlier and this is pretty late, I’ve added a gif of sassy Obama for good measure.

Enjoy. And happy editing 🙂


One response to “Peer Review: Frances

  1. thank you for sassy obama. 🙂


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