Draft Review for Julieta and Maggie!


Hey! I really enjoyed reading what you have of your essay so far.

Your topic is really interesting and I like where you’ve decided to take it in the context of the novel.

Your phrasing and sentence structure is really great! Almost everything you said made sense.

But I do think you could use a bit more explanation when first stating your topic. Are you for or against it? Or are you weighing the pros and cons objectively? Also, you might introduce how it fits into the story thematically or on the larger scale, then go in and explore the specifics.

But overall I think your paper is coming together and I wish you the best!

Good Job!


I think your topic is really awesome too! I really enjoyed reading what you have so far, and am excited to see where you’ll take it!

You have a lot of great ideas swirling around, and they’re all very important points within the book!

However, I think you should really focus on organizing your thoughts a little more, and try to tie everything back up to your main points. I know it’s a hard thing to do but I believe in you!

So just keep on going and have fun with it!


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