UT Campus and History

Last week I did a project for my Anthropology class about statues located around the UT campus and what they showed about our history and diversity. It was interesting to find that most statues were of males and to see the difference between the male and female statues. Almost all of the male statues I encountered were of people who had helped grow and develop the university in some way. On the other hand out of the few statues of women you can find most are not dedicated to specific people but are symbolic. The only statue I saw of a female public figure was of Barbara Jordan which was just recently erected in 2009. The racial diversity also does not appear to be very far reaching. All of the statues I found were white except for MLK and the two former football players located outside of DKR. Even then there is only black and white no other races. This not surprising because the history of Texas as a whole mostly involved white males in power positions but it raises the question of what public institutions should do moving forward. Texas also has confederate statues and buildings named after former KKK leaders. Should the university consider these things history and leave them up or change and move forward? I think its also interesting to consider how we can look at the history of a place like UT. We can see the history through statues and how the campus looks but will that tell the whole story to the visitors who come here?


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