I Really Love “Sleepy Hollow”… And Here Are Some Reasons Why

I watch a lot of TV. And I’m not just saying that – with all the hours of show-watching I have under my belt, I practically have a part time job right now. One of my absolute favorite shows at the moment is “Sleepy Hollow” on FOX. It’s suspenseful, funny, scary… But I watch it for the same reason I watch all my other shows – the characters. Sleepy Hollow has a refreshing set of both characters and cast. Usually, shows fill their quota of people of color at one or two (and rarely as THE lead). This show’s cast is of primarily black men and women, all with leading and interesting roles to play. (To my dismay, these characters are less prominent in the show’s current and second season – but to its credit, the show is focusing a lot on the villains this season, who are white dudes & tbh that totally makes sense).

Another thing I find amazingly refreshing is the female leads in this show. They are strong, willful, and driven, but not the invincible/bad-ass superheroes we often see (and quite honestly, I am tired of). They show vulnerability, they can be shallow, closed-off, they can make poor decisions… But none of these characteristics make these women any lesser. They are not there for the men and they are not there as any sort of prize. They are their own people. Which leads to another great thing about this show: the relationship between the female and male lead. The show focuses on two main characters, one female and one male, who become allies and friends. While there is undeniable chemistry between the two (and while the entire fandom just wants them to get it on already) they have such an amazing and trusting friendship. The show has yet to try to push anything relating to a sexual relationship between them down our throats. And, I’ll admit, I do love me some sappy romances – the forlorn glances, the romantic build-up – but what I love even more is the respect these two characters have for each other. This show demonstrates just how much a friendship can mean, and how it can be just as important as a romantic relationship.

I have something else to admit – I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress. THERE I SAID IT. I love the cliche of it, but once again, it’s absent here. These two characters trust each other to take care of themselves, but will still help the other if they are in peril. No damsels in distress here, which only sometimes distresses me.
I guess what I’m saying is, this show is kick-ass and I love it.

– Sydney


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