Okay so I was so glad when I found out I wasn’t the only one who was lost in Haraway’s article. It wasn’t exactly being lost, but just having trouble trying to take in everything she was saying. I really liked how she used the word and concept of cyborg differently then what we are used too. We are so used to seeing cyborgs portrayed as scary things in movies and shows. When I first started reading I was a bit confused by her use of the word cyborg just like Tiptree calling her readers zombies at the beginning of her story.
According to Haraway a cyborg is an idea that pushes boundaries. The fact that a cyborg, Haraway’s definitions of cyborg, can push boundaries in our society made me instantly like it. In the past decades the majority of women have been complacent with the position they were placed in by our male dominant society. Now women and other groups have becoming and embracing Haraway’s definition of cyborgs. They are pushing boundaries and challenging them because they are no longer wanting to be complacent. Women are pushing boundaries by going against the social norms, becoming bosses, advocating their right, etc. Feminism itself is a cyborg since it’s an idea that pushes boundaries. It calls for the equality of both women and men. Pushing boundaries is never a bad thing. It requires work, since like we discussed in order to break these boundaries we must first have to acknowledge their existence throughout our society.
I might have interpreted the meaning of this article completely wrong, but I just could see that feminism in this context would be considered a cyborg since it pushes the boundaries of our social norms.


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