Dawn, Apocalypses, and the Awakening

I cannot imagine waking up in a tiny room and not really knowing how much time has passed and what someone else did to me over that period of time. I think the worst part of it is that Lilith was in solitude for most of the time except for when the extraterrestrials let a young boy in the room with her yet promptly took him away. It would also be really weird seeing an extraterrestrial with tentacles all over it’s body.

I do not know if Butler was referencing the Great Awakening or not with Lilith’s Awakenings, though it would be strange for Awakening to be capitalized if it were not. I guess this could mean that the left over humans will be converted to living a life similar to the alien’s lives and that there is a new way of life.

Additionally, I found potential similarities between Dawn and The Year of the Flood particularly in the idea of apocalypses. Obviously the majority of humanity dies in both novels, which leaves them a new pallet to recreate a better world with. I am not really sure how this will play out in Dawn but living with the extraterrestrials will probably be very different than her previous life. In both novels, it seems like humans have lost their humanity. In The Year of the Flood, CorpSeCorps was ruling over all society and in Dawn the bulk of humans wanted to commit suicide. Maybe Lilith will help in restoring humanity and rebuilding a world, similar to the Gardener’s role in surviving the Waterless Flood.


One response to “Dawn, Apocalypses, and the Awakening

  1. I hadn’t thought about how Lilith and the other sleeping humans could resemble the Gardeners. They are the group that is left standing when surrounded by new and different minded groups. Maybe Lilith will somewhat restore the Earth to back to what it used to be. Another thing that I constantly kept thinking when reading was the time frame. Was this time close to ours, and like an alternative route? Or is it set in a time far from our own? Could it be that the world, Earth, Lilith lived in is not worth modeling? Maybe it was that bad. Still the aliens that we have encountered should not have destroyed it. It wasn’t theirs to destroy.


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